Greg KrugerUSA

    Area of expertise: plant physiology, weed, and production systems
    B.S., agribusiness and applied economics, ohio state university, columbus, oh., 2004
    M.S., plant pathology, purdue university, west lafayette, in., 2006
    PH.D., weed science, purdue university, west lafayette, in., 2010

    Area of Focus
    Weed Science and Pesticide Application Technology

    Research Interests
    • Mitigating pesticide drift
    • Maximizing pesticide applications
    • Understanding the influence of nozzles and adjuvants in pesticide applications
    • Weed management in cropping systems
    • Management of herbicide-resistant weeds
    • Distribution and frequency of herbicide-resistant weeds

    Extension Interests
    • Sustainable weed management systems
    • Integrated pest management
    • Pesticide application techniques
    • Spray application technology
    • Resistance management